International event, 18 artists took the challenge. 

Vijfde en laatste tentoonstelling;
Stadshallen Nieuwpoort 15 - 25 november 2018 van 14u tot 18u.

We looked for daredevils - 'artists' who are not afraid of a confrontation.

Creative people that can release their own familiar work to pass it on to another artist.The other artist builds up the work and make his/her own interpretation - a personal artwork - and thereby give it his/her own interpretation and meaning.

This can be confronting, the artwork takes on a different, new meaning.

We contacted artists in various media and in different countries.

18 artists are joining - artists from Belgium, France, Italy, Netherlands and even Thailand. 
18 artists in different Media : Painting, Ceramics, Graphic Art, Multi media, Photography, Glass Arts, Textile, Metal arts....

During  5 expositions visitors are intrigued, suprised, confronted.... with the results.

Below you can find the transformations.